Our Unique Skils


Architectural Design and Project Management

We are a dynamic international architectural team;
Our architectural design service seamlessly blends architecture. The design process does not stop, and our approach is a holistic one in collaboration with the client.


We are an innovative collaborative design studio; from small concepts to medium complexes, we believe excellent design cannot be achieved without passion, intelligence, and dedication, which is embodied by the company ethos. Our strength includes creative thinking, incorporating comprehensive and out-of-the-box design solutions, with cost-effective solutions to achieve aesthetic and economy for our clients. We are enthusiastic about buildings and the built environment; we have experience in housing, heritage preservation and commercial. We value our clients and the relationships that are built on enterprising ideas, sharing the vision to create enduring design solutions, not only for our clients but also the building users. We have a ‘can do’ attitude across all disciplines, and more often exceeding our clients’ expectations of just ‘deal with it’, thus forging strong, dependable relationships and continued services.

Sustainable Design

Environmental impact and sustainable thinking at the design stage go hand in hand, and we are constantly reviewing the social impact, recyclability, and renewability of materials, and how they can be integrated into our schemes in a cost-effective way, thus in meeting our responsibility of setting an example for high energy-efficient buildings.
By using improving building fabric performances, rainwater harvesting systems, and generating renewable energy, are just some of the sustainable solutions we are very experienced in BREEAM & Suitability.